Apr 14, 2020

Katie’s Story: From LSU Women’s Volleyball to Professional Beach Volleyball Training

Katie Dickens excelled while a player on the LSU women’s volleyball team.

She was surrounded by players with the same focus, coaches wanting to better each athlete and a support staff aiming to promote recovery. However, like our team, Katie found the world after college athletics lacked the system she enjoyed while at LSU. 

Katie, a pinnacle of college athlete success after graduation, came to our team less than six months ago looking for direction for off-season support as a professional beach volleyball player on a professional beach volleyball team. In the time between her college years and her time with us, Katie failed to find a system that promoted a holistic approach to physical therapy and performance training. 

Our team exposed Katie to a training and health regime she had never experienced before as we customized a routine that included monitoring her performance, recovery, nutrition, strength and conditioning and sleep. Not only did we focus on the whole athlete, we focused on this athlete individually. We crafted a tailored, three-phase system of 30 minute sessions three days per week to ensure Katie would reach the peak of her athletic abilities.

We began with our developmental phase, which focused on strength training and conditioning, as well as personalized sessions to focus on mobility. During this initial stage, our team worked with Katie on several issues that were not addressed prior to her training with Reach, specifically strength, power and mobility. With this initial step, our team aimed to, and successfully, crafted Katie into a more resilient athlete. This stage also immediately introduced Katie to our defining system of active recovery physical therapy, which she would be immersed in everyday. 

As she excelled at this stage and as her season neared, we introduced Katie to the sport specific application phase. Throughout this specific process, our team highlighted the strongest aspects from Katie’s performance in the developmental phase and sharpened them to peak performance while educating her as to how these moves can be incorporated into beach volleyball. 

For our final focused stage, we introduced Katie to our pre-competition phase. With her sport requiring her body to be at top efficacy, we highlighted her strongest skills and attributes and utilized those to incorporate volleyball-specific moves she will execute in season. With practice in performing these movements, Katie became a more resilient and robust athlete while fully utilizing her diverse athletic skill set.  

However, our process expanded well beyond this chronological system. The whole athlete encompasses more than just the athletic performance, including the psychological factors in sports motivation. A holistic approach to athletic performance must not only include physical training but also a focus on sport psychology, nutrition, sleep processes and active recovery. Our team implemented these additions from the beginning and carried them out through every step. Everyday, our team collected data and analyzed how they apply to the success in action and the recovery of Katie. By doing so, her perfect training and recovery system can be carried out day by day while changes can be addressed immediately. 

Our unique system encompasses every aspect to assist a great athlete in excelling. Our custom plans will ensure every athlete is well equipped for immediate and long term success in athletics. With years of combined experience, we have formulated an advanced kinetic physical therapy and sports performance system which we integrate with our advanced orthopedic and sports physical therapy to create an unmatched recovery procedure. Your story could be the next inspirational physical therapy story – schedule your virtual wellness assessment today!

“Now when I step on the court to play I feel confident that I have been doing the right things in the gym and I am not afraid of overworking myself because they have a long term plan for my success, not just getting me through a certain event.” -Katie Dickens

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